Carbon fiber in carbon fiber products as the basis, have been widely used in many fields, and most of the processing is based on carbon fiber plate on the finish, but in the production process of the carbon fiber plate, if improper operation will produce stratification, while the carbon fiber plate once cannot produce delamination repair, so what is the reason of carbon fiber board lamination? Let’s get to know the next one.

Carbon fiber materials have many advantages, but the brittleness has brought a lot of trouble to it, and it is easy to have some problems in processing. Carbon fiber composite is made of carbon fiber and resin, and the main function of the resin is to connect the carbon fiber and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a kind of anisotropic material, strength in different direction along the fiber direction, high strength, and perpendicular to the fiber direction of relatively low intensity, strength and strength perpendicular to the fiber direction between layers will be less than the fiber direction between layers, so it is easy to produce delamination.

On board processing of carbon fiber, there is axial force direction perpendicular to the fiber layer, so that the internal stress, so when the stress is greater than the combination of resin and carbon fiber strength, then there will be fracture stratification, and with greater stress, delamination phenomenon will be more serious. In addition, in the process of making carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber carbon fiber prepreg is placed on the hot pressing stage. If the temperature and pressure are not well controlled, there will also be stratification.

Take every step, and the carbon fiber board will not be flawed.

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