Carbon fiber, as a new type of high modulus and high strength new fiber material developed in recent years, has been appearing frequently in many fields and has played a significant role. Aluminum alloy is one of the most widely used nonferrous metal structure materials in industry. It is the most widely used alloy at present. So when the new material meets the traditional material, whose performance will be better?

They are both weight reduction materials, and the density of carbon fiber material is about 1.6g/cm3. The density of aluminum alloy is about 2.7g/cm3, which is not very different. Basically, some parts that need weight loss are usually considered the two materials. Second, these two kinds of materials have more excellent mechanical properties, but the carbon fiber is prominent, the strength and hardness of carbon fiber is better than the traditional metal materials, especially the bending strength, bending strength is the maximum stress of material rupture or reach the required moment in bending load can withstand, metal do not have the bending strength and bending strength as we used carbon fiber T300 to 1300MPa, T700, T1000 carbon fiber is more outstanding. Aluminum alloy has good plasticity, can be processed into various profiles, and carbon fiber has the softness of textile fiber, and it has strong design ability. It can play a most effective role according to the performance requirements of products and adopt a reasonable molding way. In corrosion resistance, carbon fiber is a kind of non metallic materials, low electrochemical activity, so the general of acid alkali and salt chemical inert medium, and Aluminum Alloy is a kind of metal material, but aluminum is easy to be oxidized, forming a dense layer of protective film on the surface (alumina) has excellent protective effect on the inside.

On the whole, carbon fiber will win slightly, though carbon fiber performance is better than aluminum alloy, but in terms of price, carbon fiber products should also be slightly more expensive.

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