The size is a technical term, refers to the fiber fineness, it has the units of D, TEX, N, S four, where D is Dan Neal, refers to the moisture regains, 9000 meters long grams of fiber; TEX refers to moisture regains, 1000 meters long fiber grams; N metric branch number refers to each grams of fiber length; S English count, refer to each pound of fiber length. So, is the fineness of the carbon fiber precursor, the most commonly used fiber material, is related to the performance of the fiber?

The smaller the size, the smaller the fiber, the greater the size of the fiber, and the thicker the fiber. The structure and properties of matter are closely related. Carbon fiber is also natural. Its structure affects the overall performance, and the formal structure of fineness is a form. The smaller the diameter of the carbon fiber precursor, the lighter the core structure, the more uniform the texture, and the natural performance of the carbon fiber. The smaller the diameter is, the larger the volume of the precursor will be, which is conducive to the emission and heat dissipation of impurities in the process of pre oxidation and graphitization, and get higher purity products. In addition, the smaller the fineness, the crystallization, orientation and other defects of the original filament will be reduced, and the performance is greatly improved.

Carbon fiber is a high performance material, which is widely used in the field of high technology. With the progress of the times, people’s demand for materials is higher and higher. Carbon fiber is also developing. Low fineness is also one of the developing directions.

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