Since the 50s of last century, carbon fiber has gone through 60 years of development. Here, many countries have increased investment and developed carbon fiber rapidly, and many enterprises have emerged. The Japanese company of TORAY was established earlier. The technology of carbon fiber is developed. It can be said that no second companies can compare with it. So what’s the advantage of TORAY carbon fiber?

The carbon fiber brands produced by TORAY company include T300, T300J, T400H, T600S, T700S, T800H, T1000, M30S, M40, M40J, M55J, M60J, and so on. The tensile strength of T series carbon fiber is very high. The tensile modulus of M series carbon fiber is very good, their density is between 1.70~2.0g/cm^3, the diameter of monofilament is 5&mu, M is up and down.

Carbon fiber performance is still increasing.

The performance of TORAY carbon fiber is increasing. For example, the T300 carbon fiber, which is initially developed, has a strength of 3500MPa and a tensile modulus of 230GPa. The T1000 carbon fiber developed later reached 7000MPa, M70J carbon fiber and tensile modulus had 690GPa. Its elongation at break is only 1.5%, and now it can reach 2.4%.

Advanced technology, with a number of patents:

In 1969, the TORAY company applied for the first patent on carbon fiber. Up to now, it has applied for 1468 items, and authorized by 79 items, including the polymerization of elements, spinning, oxidation, carbon heat treatment, surface treatment and so on.

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