Activated carbon fiber is a high-tech product with carbon fiber as raw material. It is a porous carbon fiber. It began to develop rapidly in the early 70s, and has been fully industrialized now. Active carbon fibers are used to purify the environment, absorb toxic substances and recover organic compounds. Some people will confuse activated carbon and activated carbon fiber. In fact, they are different substances. This article will tell you where activated carbon fiber is superior to activated carbon.

1, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon fiber is larger than that of activated carbon. For example, the adsorption capacity of mercaptan with odor is 40 times higher than that of activated carbon. Some of the more difficult to absorb substances, such as trace pollutants less than 10ppm, have great adsorption capacity.

2, the adsorption rate is fast. If the activated carbon and carbon fiber made of adsorption layer with the same thickness, the gaseous benzene at the same speed sound adsorption layer, if the export concentration of 10ppm as the penetration layer, just a few minutes, the activated carbon adsorption layer on the penetration, but the activated carbon fiber adsorption layer can be used for a long time.

3, the adsorption rate is fast. In some gaseous substances, the adsorption of active carbon fibers can reach 800%, while the activated carbon can only reach 100%.

4, the active carbon fiber also has a feature, that is, the plasticity is strong, can be processed into various shapes, easy to use.

Activated carbon fiber is made from asphalt based carbon fiber, phenolic aldehyde carbon fiber and so on. Activated carbon fiber will produce pore size and surface area on the surface of carbon fiber. As people’s awareness of environmental protection is increasing, attention to living environment is also improving. Activated carbon fiber is popular because of its excellent environmental performance.

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