The carbon fiber precursor can be divided into small tow and large tow. It is divided according to the number of raw wires per bundle of carbon fibers. The number of 1k~12k per bundle is called small tow, and the number of roots per beam is more than 24K, which is called big tow. In comparison, the price of large tow is cheaper, but in actual use, it is still much used in small tow. This article tells you where the small tow carbon fiber can be used.

The most common type of small tow carbon fiber is 3k, which indicates that a bundle contains 3000 primordia, and the other models are 1K, 6K, and 12K. It has been questioned that the number of carbon fibers in small tow fibers is less than that of large tow. Why is the price more expensive? This is because the smaller the carbon fiber produced by the smaller tow, the more light and thinner the product will be.

Small tow carbon fiber can be used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, sports leisure, medical equipment and other fields. The field of aerospace, mainly used for rocket shell, plane frame, satellite bracket, wing, propeller; vehicles, license plate frame, mirror frame, interior, brakes, engine cover can use carbon fiber materials; leisure sports field, carbon fiber used in fishing rods and golf clubs, dance bar, tennis rackets above; the field of medical equipment, the carbon fiber good X ray penetration ability, is a very good medical panel production materials.

Now the carbon fiber market is expanding and is loved by thousands of customers. If you need to consult with the carbon fiber products, you can work the drawings.

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