Archery is very popular as a sport. With the development of science and technology, arrows and arrows are no longer used just like iron and wood. Other materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum can be used to create bows and arrows. Carbon fiber arrows and aluminum arrows are two kinds of better – selling arrows. What kind of performance is better than the two? After reading the following, you will know.

1. From the time they appeared, the time of the aluminum arrows was created in 1939, which has a history of more than 70 years. Carbon fiber arrows appear 30 years later than aluminum arrows, and are a relatively new product. After many years of development, aluminum arrows are very well done, and carbon fiber arrows are not bad as a new product.

2. In weight, the weight of carbon fiber arrows and aluminum arrows is very light. The arrow always shoots as far as possible, with the same strength, and the light of the weight is far away.

3. From the performance point of view, the aluminum arrow is easy to bend, and the use time is not long, but it is not easy to break or damage. Carbon fiber arrows, strength and durability are very good, flexible when archery, less affected by external force, more stable, long service life. But it has a shortcoming, and the vulnerability is easy to break.

4, from the price point of view, the preparation method of carbon fiber is more complex and the price is more expensive than aluminum. Therefore, if the hand is not very well off, people will still choose to purchase aluminum arrow.

The two kinds of arrows have similar places and there are different places to use, which is dependent on the personal preferences of the archer, and there is no definite rule to say which is better. Here, Xiaobian reminds us that if you are a novice in archery, these two kinds of arrows are not recommended. They are more suitable for professional and senior shooters, because their weight is very light, so the novice will not be able to control it.

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