CFRP carbon fiber composite material is made of metal, ceramic and resin matrix materials made of carbon fiber and mixed, has high strength, light weight, high temperature resistance, earthquake etc., but the high hardness and brittleness, which belongs to the typical difficult to machine materials for drilling due to the high proportion of the scrap parts. According to statistics, in the final assembly of the aircraft, the non conforming rate of carbon fiber composites accounts for more than 60% of all scrap parts.

Problems in drilling carbon fiber composites:

1, the tool wear is serious. The hardness of carbon fiber is similar to that of high speed steel. If ordinary high-speed steel bit is used to process carbon fiber, drilling 3~4 holes will blunt. It is necessary to replace drill bits or re drill the drill bit.

2, there are defects such as stratification, tear and edge, which greatly affect the quality of the products.

3. A large amount of dust pollution can be produced when drilling. If the dust is exposed to the electronic equipment and the power grid, a short circuit may occur.

Many researchers at home and abroad have studied the problem of hard drilling of carbon fiber composites. Such as the United States Air Force Research Materials by the method of orthogonal cutting, summed up the fiber direction and cutting direction angle to a certain range, fiber matrix, shearing force and macro two direction cutting force formula, and discussed the influence of the depth of cutting direction and fiber orientation angle on the surface roughness of machining products. And Zhang Houjiang of Beijing aerospace has analyzed the relationship between the formation of different types of cutting and the roughness of the surface.

With the deepening of research, the problems of drilling carbon fiber composite layers, tearing and cutting tool wear are improved.

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