Carbon fiber has excellent properties, such as high strength, light weight, low friction coefficient, high specific heat capacity and so on. It can be used in various industries. But its special structure and special physical properties bring a series of problems to the cutting process of materials. If they are not handled well, the products will be scrapped easily, and the gains will not be the same. The following are the common problems and solutions.

Common problems are: 1, the material is layered, lump fall, tear, the most serious situation is the whole processing parts scrap. 2, tool wear is fast. If blunt tool is used for machining, it will be more likely to cause embryo damage. In the process of finishing, the shape and size of the tool will change, which will affect the shape and size of the product. In addition, for a knife with a diameter size, the wear of the tool will cause the instability of the size of the holes and grooves. 3, the service life of the cutter is short. The durability is low, and the processing cost of products is greatly improved. In order to improve the accuracy of product yield and shape and size, ensure quality stability and reduce processing cost, we need to make a series of changes.

Carbon fiber strength, but fragile, fragile, mechanical processing, if the force is too small and no use, too strong words will break, more trouble. To solve the above problems, the most important thing is to start with the cutting tool. Under the same cutting process parameters and cutting depth, we use different materials, sizes and shapes of cutting tools to cut carbon fiber material and see how it works. We try repeatedly and control variables to find the most suitable tool. The strength, time and temperature of the cutting tool will also affect the processing results, which need to be taken into consideration.

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