From the current situation of the carbon fiber industry, Asia has become one of the world’s carbon fiber production and consumption of key areas, is expected to 2015, is expected to become the main driving force of the driving force to lead the industry development of carbon fiber in the world of Asia carbon fiber industry development, the present situation of the new PAN precursor and carbon fiber technology, they will be cheap and the rapid industrialization of renewable resources as raw materials and high efficient energy saving technology and ultra high performance products, for carbon fiber composite materials will lead to the development of the new spring.

What are the types of carbon fiber composites? We briefly introduce several, a carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composites, it can be divided into hot firmware resin and thermoplastic resin, their high specific strength and modulus, fatigue resistance, thermal expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance, good water resistance, is widely used in the best material of the space structure.

Carbon fiber reinforced metal matrix composites, which are carbon fiber reinforced fibers, and metal as a matrix composite. Compared with ceramic based carbon fiber composites, it has high toughness and impact resistance. The metal matrix is mostly aluminum, magnesium, nickel and titanium and other alloys. At present, the surface modification of carbon fiber is mainly based on vapor deposition and nanofiltration in the preparation of carbon fiber reinforced metal matrix composites. However, the complexity and high cost of the process limit the popularization and application of carbon fiber reinforced metal matrix composites.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is widely welcomed in various fields because of its unique and excellent performance. Especially, the demand for defense, military industry, aerospace and sports is increasing. This requires us to accelerate the pace of research and production. Seize the opportunity for development.

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