Compared with the traditional steel, aluminum, wood, plastic and other materials, the properties of <strong> carbon fiber </strong> is more superior, it is light in weight, high strength, high rigidity, acid and alkali salt and organic solution of chemical corrosion, waterproof, low thermal expansion coefficient, X ray high transmittance, friction resistance, thermal conductivity, strong in design, and often combined with resin made of sheet metal, pipes, machining parts and other products used in many areas. This article, a small editor to introduce to you the specifications of carbon fiber tubes.

1, according to the different shapes into round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, pipe and three pipe, can be used for kite skeleton, bags, X display, scaffolding pipe, special-shaped pipe for general structure.

2, according to the surface patterns, there are three kinds of twill, plain lines and no lines. Some people think that there is carbon fiber on the surface, and in fact, some carbon fiber products have no lines like metal.

3, the use of the raw silk can be divided into 1K, 3k, 12K and so on. 1K indicates that a bundle of precursors contains 1000 heel monofilaments, 3K has 3000, and 12K has 12000, and most of the markets are 3K tubes.

4. According to the different production process, it can be divided into winding tube and pultrusion tube. The winding pipe is raw silk impregnated resin, winding on the core mold, constantly intertwined curing, this method produced good quality, beautiful appearance, but the equipment requirements are high; pultrusion pipe is the original silk impregnated resin by extrusion molding, after the completion of the production does not need processing efficiency. High, suitable for mass production, but performance is worse than the winding pipe.

The carbon fiber tube can be flexibly designed in various styles according to the practical use. It has a long life, it can be used normally in wet, hot, or corrosive environment, and it is not damaged for decades. With the development of the times, the demand for it will be more and more.

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