Carbon fiber board is one of the typical carbon fiber products, how much processing is based on the selection of carbon fiber board is nothing more than a fancy the excellent mechanical properties of carbon fiber, carbon fiber board is made of carbon fiber prepreg layer and stiffness, material properties of layers of carbon fiber board, ply the direction has an important link in this paper, we try to understand the carbon fiber board needs to pay attention to what the problem in the stacking process.
General carbon fiber is not used alone, often with resin, so that it can play the best performance of carbon fibers, but the resin properties than carbon fiber, carbon fiber board design that will be added to the load of carbon fiber prepreg to, to try to avoid the generation of resin and carbon fiber prepreg layer of stress, then, using 0° 45° 90° layer, so that it can make the product more solid carbon fiber
The outer layer of CFRP is the direct force position, which is easy to be damaged during the use process. In order to avoid this problem, we must use the whole carbon fiber prepreg and avoid the leftover material as far as possible. Carbon fiber sheet is molded at high temperature. When heated at high temperature, the material will exhibit certain thermal expansion. If the carbon fiber prepreg layer is asymmetric, warpage may occur during heating. And the angle of the same ply should be evenly distributed along the thickness of CFRP, which should not be too centralized. Otherwise, it is easy to produce layering between layers with the same ply angle.

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