The carbon fiber precursor can be made from viscose based fiber, asphalt fiber, phenolic fiber and polyacrylonitrile fiber at high temperature. The polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber is the most widely used one, reaching 90%. The manufacturing method of polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber has been said before, and it is no longer repeated here. This article is mainly concerned with some notices in the production process.

1. Material selection. Polyacrylonitrile precursor is an important factor that affects the quality of carbon fiber. We have to choose raw silk with high strength, good thermal conversion, less impurity and uniform density.

2. Polymerization. A small amount of comonomers can be added to polymerization, so that both the cyclization of macromolecules and the control of chemical reaction can be accelerated when the precursor is pre oxidized.

3. Spinning. The spinning is not dry, but the wet method is used. Because dry process produces fiber, the solvent in it is not easy to clean. The solvent will volatilize when pre oxidized or carbonized, and make the fiber bond, resulting in the decrease of carbon fiber strength.

4. Purity. The carbon fiber filament made is of course the higher the purity, the better. In addition to the fine selection of raw materials, the production workshop must be dust free and pollution-free. Once the impurities are mixed into the raw material, the purity will be reduced.

In addition to the above four points, the fine denier of the raw silk is also very important, it can make uniform and fine fiber. Polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber was invented by Japanese scientist Kondo Akio in 1959, and it has a history of more than 50 years. With the passage of time, carbon fiber has been paid more and more attention, and the scope of use is becoming wider and wider, and the market is very wide. It will have a greater role in the future and contribute to the progress of human beings.

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