To manufacture of carbon fiber composite materials, the first is the carbon fiber reinforced material pressed into the embryo is similar to the shape of the product, the embryo can generally be used in fiber cloth, fiber tape, fiber strip winding, can also use the short cut fiber molding or injection into cloth, in the form of laminated carbon felt. After winding, it begins to press and controls the factors such as temperature, pressure, time and so on, so that the product can be formed. This process is not particularly complex, but there are a lot of places to pay attention to. Let’s say it below.

1, carbon fiber is fragile and easy to be folded. When preparing the embryo, it is best to use soft, flexible carbon fibers, such as pre oxidized PAN fibers. Because it has been fully stabilized and heat treated, the operation is strong. Preoxidized PAN fibers are polymer properties, which can be processed by ordinary textile equipment. In addition, after the following process, the fibers are easily graphitized.

2, the surface untreated high modulus carbon fiber should be selected. After the carbon fiber is treated by the surface, the surface activity can be removed by the high temperature above 1000 degrees C. The cracking phenomenon is also easy to occur during the carbonization process.

3, high modulus carbon fiber in carbonization stone to the expansion rate is very large, a gap is formed after cooling, so two times after carbonization of resin impregnation.

4. When making carbon fiber composites without seams, the embryo system should be larger and easier to cut.

In addition to the above points, there are some places to pay attention to. If a three-dimensional preform is to be woven, a professional knitting machine can be used. In addition, the preform of CFRP must be moulded, so that it can improve the fiber content of composite materials and reduce the cracks produced in the production process.

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