Carbon fibers can be made from a variety of types of polymers, such as viscose fiber, polyacrylonitrile fiber, aromatic polyamide fiber and so on. Some thermosetting polymers can also be made to produce carbon fibers, such as phenolic resin and furfural resin. Carbon fiber is a high-tech product, so be careful when preparing it. The text will tell you what to pay attention to to prepare carbon fiber.

First, it is required to produce a precursor with as high a carbon content as possible so that the fiber can be kept in the process of converting it into carbon fiber. To achieve this, the stabilization of the raw silk is very important, and it can avoid a large amount of volatilization or melting of the polymer.

Secondly, in the preparation of high modulus carbon fiber, it is required that the graphite layer be preferred along the fiber axis orientation. The layered properties of graphite crystals lead to a high degree of anisotropy. The typical structure of graphite carbon atoms arranged in a square with six mutually parallel layered, in the same layer to three carbon atoms, each carbon atom and adjacent form strong covalent bond. The preparation of high modulus carbon fiber needs to include the steps to orientate the carbon plane planes along the longitudinal direction, which can be achieved by plastic deformation of the carbon fibers themselves or by plastic deformation during the transformation of precursors into carbon fibers.

The third thing to pay attention to is to eliminate the micro structure defects of carbon fiber, so that the formation of the graphite plane has been developed. The carbon fiber is heat treated at 2500 centigrade temperature, which can improve the order of crystallization.

The preparation of carbon fiber is mainly to pay attention to the above three problems. As for the preparation steps, there are some differences in the preparation steps of different polymers. There’s not much to say here. Now carbon fiber has come deep into our life. Small badminton racket, fishing pole, watch parts, large aircraft, rockets and submersible boats can be made from carbon fiber and widely used.

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