Carbon fiber is an organic fiber — — polyacrylonitrile, viscose fiber, fiber asphalt and other raw materials by pre oxidation and carbonization process was prepared, the carbon content is higher than 90%, with high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, creep resistance and other excellent features. The production process of carbon fiber is complex, involving a variety of technology and many disciplines. With the widening of the application field, people put forward higher requirements for it. So what are the new progress of the carbon fiber industry nowadays?

1, research and development of low cost raw silk. We all know that the properties of carbon fiber is very good, was unanimously welcomed by people, but because of the high price, has not been widely used, only in the high-end sports car, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, high iron parts, medical X – ray plate and other high-tech fields using only a little more. In these carbon fiber products, the cost of raw silk accounts for about 50%, and is currently developing low priced raw silk, which is helpful to the expansion of the carbon fiber industry.

2. The improvement of processing technology. Carbon fiber is of high strength but large brittleness. It is easy to crack on one point when the force is too concentrated. The cost of carbon fiber products is high and waste is very wasteful, so improving its processing technology is also one of the development goals.

3, carbon fiber recycling. The wide use of carbon fiber products is bound to bring about the increase of waste. If it can be reused, it not only saves the resources, but also protects the environment. The recovery and utilization of carbon fiber products is a major problem at present. Scientists have done this research and have achieved results. It is believed that it will be implemented soon. </div>

Since the 50s of last century, carbon fiber has been put into use. For a few decades, great achievements have been made. It is known as &ldquo. New material &rdquo, twenty-first Century, is in line with the development requirements of lightweight products, and has been used in military and civilian industries.

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