Archery is an ancient technology. After entering the era of hot weapons, archery is no longer used as a weapon, but a sport, and archers are more interested. The traditional bow and arrow is made of wood, bamboo and horns. With the development of science and technology, carbon fiber materials can also be used to make bows and arrows. Carbon fiber arrows appeared in 80s and are now widely used after many years of development. Here are the types of carbon fiber arrows.

According to the different methods of production, carbon fiber arrows can be divided into two kinds. A carbon fiber parallel bonding type shaft, and a winding carbon fiber shaft. The production method is simple, the carbon fiber is arranged along the direction of the arrow and then together to complete, less steps, shaft bending and straightness are easy to control. This is the middle level, the price is not expensive, the performance also had to go, but there is a big drawback, easy to burst. Because carbon fiber is arranged in a vertical direction, the lateral strength can only be supported by the glue. However, the strength of the glue is much lower than that of the carbon fiber, so it may burst when it is used. About the method of making standard carbon fiber shaft is novel, longitudinal around carbon fiber, carbon fiber and transverse wound layers to increase strength. It’s more complex processes of glue distribution, its curvature and straightness are more difficult to control. And it’s not that the more carbon fibers you join, the better, the more the material is, the weight will increase, and the wind resistance is worse.

Carbon fibers can also be combined with other materials to make arrows, such as carbon and aluminum arrows. It uses aluminum to improve the strength, straightness and weight of carbon fibers. The cost of carbon and aluminum arrows is not low, but the performance is good, and it also occupies a place in the market. There are so many kinds of carbon fiber arrows, and other types of bows and arrows are more. For the old skills, we must inherit and continuously improve the development, so that it can adapt to the requirements of the times.

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