In 1959, the United States carbide Union made the modulus of 40GPa and the strength of 0.7GPa carbon fiber, which opened a new era of carbon fiber. With the deepening of research, various specifications and models of carbon fiber have been developed, a wide variety of. This article talks about the types of carbon fibers.

According to the different raw materials can be divided into polyacrylonitrile (PAN) carbon fiber, pitch based carbon fiber and viscose based carbon fibers were obtained by polyacrylonitrile, viscose asphalt, preoxidation and carbonization of carbon fiber, at present the world production and sales of most PAN based carbon fiber. The world’s 13 largest carbon fiber production company, to PAN for the production of carbon fiber raw materials of 9 companies, including Dongli, Japan, MITSUBISHI, Nike, rayon, America, Thailand, Heck Sal Thatcher sutech, ardila, Germany, and Taiwan Chinese SGL formosa.

On the basis of PAN based carbon fiber bundle size is divided into small tow and tow two. Small tow refers to the fiber bundle between 1-24K (1K 1000) of carbon fiber, used for the technical field of aerospace and other high-end; large tow carbon fiber tow refers to the number of 48K and carbon fiber above, its performance is low, as the general level of fiber, mainly used for civilian and industrial city in general.

According to the mechanical properties of carbon fiber, it can be divided into general type and high performance type. The strength of the general carbon fiber is 1000MPa, and the modulus is about 100GPa. High performance carbon fiber is also divided into high-strength type (intensity 2000MPa, modulus 250GPa) and high model (modulus 300GPa or more). Strength over 4000MPa is also known as super high strength, and modulus is greater than 450GPa, which is called super high model. With the development of aerospace and aviation industry, high strength and high extension carbon fibers have appeared, and their elongation is more than 2%.

Carbon fiber is widely used in many fields, such as space military industry, automobile high speed iron, medical equipment, sports goods and so on.

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