Carbon fiber tube is made of high technology composite carbon fiber precursor and soaked in vinyl resin and high temperature curing.

Carbon fiber tube is mainly used to make carbon fiber reinforced plastics. Carbon fiber is a kind of fibrous carbon data. It is a new material with a strength larger than that of steel, smaller than aluminum, and corrosion resistant, stainless steel and high temperature resistant, and conductive like copper. It has many precious electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. The composite materials made of carbon fiber and plastic plane is light, and less power consumption, high thrust, low noise; the use of carbon fiber for electronic computer disk, can improve computer storage capacity and computing speed; to make satellites and rockets and spacecraft with carbon fiber reinforced plastic, high mechanical strength small, quality, and can save a lot of fuel.

Carbon fiber tube has the advantages of high strength, high elasticity, aging resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, easy coloring, low shrinkage, stable quality, light and beautiful, iron and steel compared with the traditional plastic products, which not only has the strength of steel products and plastic products with toughness, plastic is a new type of modern agriculture and industry the product can not be short of reinforced composite materials. The most widely used carbon fiber tubes are sports equipment, such as golf clubs, fishing rods, mountaineering bars, snowboards, ski poles, bicycles, badminton rackets, tennis rackets and so on. These sports equipment used to be made of steel or glass fiber, and are now converted to carbon fibers. The first equipment made of carbon fiber is light, second is strong, and third is beautiful in appearance.

At present, a large part of carbon fiber pipe is made of non-woven carbon fiber longitudinally, to unidirectional cloth pipe, and is made by dipping resin curing. A few of them are made of prefabricated cloth made of woven carbon fiber cloth and reticulate carbon fiber cloth. The content of carbon fiber used in carbon fiber tube consumption is directly determined by its mechanical performance and value. Carbon fiber tubes have the characteristics of light, solid and high tensile strength, but they should pay special attention to the protection of electricity when they are used.

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