We know that carbon fiber is a high-tech material, which can be made into carbon fiber pipes, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber pipe, carbon fiber rod, carbon fiber processing parts and so on. It has been widely applied in aerospace, sports equipment, medical machinery, automobile manufacturing and other industries. So what is carbon fiber felt? Felt is a piece of fiber made of fiber. It can be used as a liner in industry. The carbon fiber felt is described in detail below.

There are three main types of carbon fiber, polyacrylonitrile based carbon felt, viscose based carbon felt and carbon felt, which used widely is polyacrylonitrile based carbon felt carbon fiber felt we generally refers to the pan based carbon felt. Polyacrylonitrile based carbon felt can also be divided into two categories, polyacrylonitrile based acrylic carbon felt and polyacrylonitrile (precursor) carbon felt. The difference between them is that one is made of acrylic fiber and one is made of carbon fiber. The performance of the former is worse than the latter, and the strength, the feel, the gray level, the limit, etc. are all good for the polyacrylonitrile (Yuan Si) carbon felt. Carbon fiber felt is also different in different processing methods. The carbon fiber felt made of short carbon fiber is made of carbon fiber felt made of pre oxidized fiber and also made of carbon felt made of carbon felt again oxidized and carbonized.

Carbon fiber felt can be divided into soft carbon felt and hard carbon felt according to the soft and hard texture of the material, which can be divided into carbon felt and graphite felt according to the burning temperature. Carbon felt is cheaper than graphite felt. The adsorbability of carbon fiber felt is very good. It is mainly used to adsorb some impurities and poisonous gases and so on. It is widely used in industrial production. Carbon adsorption function, carbon fiber felt carbon content up to more than 90%, natural also have this function.

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