Carbon fiber composite material has high performance, but difficult to machining, delamination, tearing, burr, wire drawing, the collapse of block defects such as easy to produce in the course of machining, and the machining size is difficult to control, the cutter temperature is high, easy to produce heat blockage, resulting in surface carbonization of carbon fiber, influence the surface processing quality. So what kind of cutting tools do we choose for carbon fiber cutting?

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) is difficult to machine and solve difficult problems. First of all, the level of process equipment should be improved. Secondly, the tool technology suitable for CFRP should be solved. Tool is the main factor that restricts the post-processing technology of CFRP. We have to Wuxi via carbon steel, high-speed steel, cemented carbide and polycrystalline diamond cutting tool alloy experiment of carbon fiber composite material. The results show that the application of carbon steel as cutting tool in the processing of carbon fiber composites can not meet the requirements of use.

Because of grain refinement in recent years, high speed steel materials have increased tool strength and wear resistance, and can still be used in the field of carbon fiber composites. The cemented carbide tool has been cemented carbide tool cluster because of its ultra-fine grain and increased interface. It has improved the rigidity and service life of the tool, and has been widely applied in the field of carbon fiber composite material processing. The appearance of polycrystalline diamond tools makes the quality of the surface processing of carbon fiber composites greatly improved, and it is possible to replace the grinding by car.

In addition to the special processing, such as high temperature, vibration cutting, cutting the superplastic cutting set in one through two or more than two kinds of energy, can achieve good results, should expand the domestic research in this area, in order to special processing in the composite carbon fiber processing field is widely used.

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