Carbon fiber material has high strength, light weight, and can resist all kinds of chemical substances corrosion. At the beginning, people used it in building reinforcement, and found that the effect is very good, and the construction is very convenient. It has been used until now. The use of carbon fiber reinforced building materials does not need to be applied to large machinery, and ready for carbon fiber, resin, ladder, scissors and other tools, and the construction period is short, and the construction environment is low. Not all carbon fiber materials can be used for strengthening and strengthening. The following is a detailed statement.

The unidirectional carbon fiber fabric (12K) is generally used to reinforce the building. Carbon fiber cloth is divided into one-way and two-way two-way, according to the different method of knitting cloth twill, plain weave, satin texture, very beautiful, strong decoration. Unidirectional carbon fiber cloth are concentrated in one direction, the direction of concentrated force has a lot of carbon fibers, there is a direction of only a small amount of carbon. Where need to be strengthened, put the cloth in which direction. According to the condition of the building, several layers can be attached.

12K is a bundle of carbon containing 1200 raw silk. Other models include 1K, 3k, 6K, 24K and so on. 1K’s carbon fiber cloth plays a decorative role, and it uses less. 3K is basically woven fabric, while 12K is mostly unidirectional cloth. Because a tow contains 1200 raw silk, 12K is much thicker than 1K and 3K.

12K unidirectional carbon fiber sheets can also be used for building reinforcement. Carbon fiber sheets and carbon fiber boards are collectively referred to as carbon fiber sheets.

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