Carbon fiber is a high and new technology product of multidisciplinary and multi technology. It can be used in many fields, such as aerospace, sports equipment, medical instruments, new energy, machinery, electronic instruments and so on. It has excellent properties such as light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, creep resistance, earthquake resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion and strong design. So what is the thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber?

When an object is heated, the phenomenon of increasing its length or volume is called thermal expansion, and the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) indicates the degree of material expansion. The coefficient of thermal expansion can be divided into linear expansion coefficient and expansion coefficient of two, generally refers to the linear expansion coefficient. The coefficient of linear expansion is the change of any line, width, thickness or diameter when the solid is heated, and it is expressed by symbol R, that is, the relative variable of the length when temperature changes every IK, and its unit is 1/K. When the temperature is 20 C ~70 C, the thermal expansion coefficient of T300 carbon fiber is -0.74× 10^6/K, M40 carbon fiber thermal expansion coefficient is -1.23× 10^6/K.

The thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber is less than that of metal. It also has four times the strength of steel and the weight of 1/4 steel. It has been used instead of metal materials in many fields. Take the automobile industry as an example, automotive fuel consumption to 60% car body weight, 10% per weight, the fuel consumption can reduce emissions can be reduced by 10% 8% – 10%. The use of carbon fiber instead of heavy metals will get a good weight reduction effect, and it is also of great significance to energy conservation and environmental protection.

Carbon fiber as a raw material, its value must be applied to show.

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