Carbon fiber has the advantages of light weight, high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and low expansion coefficient. The drawback is that the elongation at break is not high and toughness is not strong. Therefore, the use of carbon fiber alone is of little significance, mainly for composite reinforced fibers, such as reinforced plastics, reinforced cement, reinforced ceramics, reinforced metals and carbon / carbon composites.

In the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the use of carbon fiber composites to replace some of the aluminum alloy of the aircraft can reduce the quality of the fuselage by 15%-40%. It is estimated that the quality of jetliners has not been reduced by 450g, and that about $1000 can be saved during the entire flight period. The climate conditions of the universe space change constantly, direct sunlight when the maximum temperature up to 100 DEG C, and downsun under the environment of low temperature to -200 degrees Celsius, the space environment which requires the spacecraft to adapt to extreme temperature changes, the expansion coefficient of carbon fiber composite material and reasonable design can be used for close to zero. Aerospace materials such as antenna, synchronous communication satellite on the solar cell frame, parabola apparatus and other parts, not only high strength and modulus, but also shows excellent dimensional stability. Carbon fiber composite material has excellent erosion resistance, when the spacecraft to return to the atmosphere, to decrease the speed of 8km/s, the spacecraft surface temperature of 3000 DEG C, but only a small amount of the surface of the carbon fiber composite material is ablated, the most heat away, to protect the internal damage of spacecraft.

In the field of transportation, the application of carbon fiber is also expanding. 20%-60% parts, such as torso axis, spring, hub, shell, bumper, joystick and so on, can be made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics, which can reduce vehicle weight by 70% and save a lot of gasoline. Fuel cost can save more than 35%. Not only can the quality of the body be reduced, but it can effectively improve the performance of the traffic worker S! Such as reducing noise, improving the speed of operation, reducing pollution and reducing energy consumption.

In the field of architecture, the application of carbon fiber reinforced cement in construction has made remarkable progress in recent years. With the addition of about 4% of carbon fiber in cement, the toughness of cement can be increased by 30%-50%, the fracture strength is increased by about 2 times, and the cracks are less and the corrosion resistance is improved. Carbon fiber reinforced cement can also be used in bridges, chimneys, roofs, floor panels, various pipes, bars and so on.

The use of carbon fiber on sports equipment accounts for about 50% of the total carbon fiber consumption in the world. At present, sports equipment is made of carbon fiber composite material are: golf clubs, fishing, tennis and badminton, ski, bow, skis, masts, and vault pole racing, rowing, aviation model etc.. In this field, carbon fiber composites are used most.

In the textile industry, carbon fiber composite material can also be used as textile machinery parts and other high-speed rotating shuttle textile rapier loom rapier, rapier head and high speed loom heald frame. In other areas, such as chemical industry, energy, textile, biology, electronics and electrical appliances, medical and health, decoration or decoration materials, the application field of carbon fiber is getting more and more. Its development is &ldquo, &rdquo, and the trend of rapid spread of the wave.

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