The mechanical properties of carbon nanofibers are quite outstanding. According to our company’s production and processing experience for many years, a small amount of nano carbon fiber added to epoxy resin can greatly improve the interlaminar shear strength, tensile strength, pressure and bending properties of nano carbon fiber composites. Carbon nanofibers are ideal lightweight reinforced materials for the preparation of composite materials. The research shows that nano carbon fiber has high strength, high elasticity and high rigidity. It has great potential in improving mechanical properties and molecular devices of composite materials.

On the one hand, electrical properties of nano carbon fiber as polymer filler have unique advantages. When they are filled into polymer matrix, they will not break, so they can maintain their high aspect ratio. Due to the fine and conductive carbon nanofibers, adding a small amount of carbon nanofibers to textiles can not only prevent static electricity, but also affect the comfort of textiles.

Previous studies have shown that carbon nanofibers are excellent hydrogen storage materials. Because of their unique pore structure, nanofibers have great specific surface area and can be used as fast adsorption media for many gases. A large number of research surface, nano carbon fiber is a very promising hydrogen storage material, and is expected to promote and promote the utilization of hydrogen energy, especially the early realization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

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