Most of the people should know that the carbon fiber is generally not used alone, but with some materials such as resin fused to form composite materials, carbon fiber composite material has excellent performance in all aspects, so it is widely used in quite strict medical devices, and gradually show the trend of the main stream. This article will introduce some medical instruments made of carbon fiber.

For some people who lose limbs, it is a good choice to install a prosthesis, and the use of carbon fiber composites in the prostheses is mainly to make the feet. The density of carbon fiber composite material is about 1.7g/cm3, and the footboard made is very light. It will not bring inconvenience to walking. The strength of carbon fiber composite material is also very large. Basically, it will not break, and it can avoid damage to users. Carbon fiber composites have excellent fatigue resistance and can be used for a long time.

In some medical devices, carbon fiber has also been used, such as radiation medical bedplate and CT head holder for inspection. CFRP can meet the requirements of stiffness well and play a good supporting role. The X ray penetration of CFRP is good. It does not need to increase the X ray dose to achieve the purpose of diagnosis. It ensures that patients are less injured by X rays, and the imaging is clear and convenient for diagnosis. Carbon fiber composites have good corrosion resistance. The general corrosion does not work on it, and it can maintain excellent performance.

In the past time, the research of carbon fiber reinforced polymer has made great progress. Because of its excellent performance, carbon fiber composites inevitably become the mainstream of materials for medical devices.

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