We all know that belongs to the high performance of aramid fiber and carbon fiber materials, both because of its low density, high tensile strength and excellent corrosion resistance, and thus a large number is used in the reinforcement, but they have their own advantages, today we have to introduce the aramid fiber and carbon fiber what kind of performance? Each has its own characteristics.

Aramid fiber and carbon fiber is not conductive, electrically conductive, so in the subway, industrial buildings and other structures often use aramid fabric reinforcement, and carbon fiber is commonly used and the concrete structure reinforcement, and must be reinforced to prevent corrosion and isolation. The shear strength of carbon fiber cloth is low, and it is easy to break, and the requirement of chamfering treatment is higher in the reinforcement. The aramid fabric is not affected.

The high modulus of carbon fiber makes it able to withstand long-term static load. This is the most outstanding advantage. But in the face of dynamic load and local impact, aramid fiber is more competitive. Carbon fiber is used to limit the beam immunity when compared with aramid fabric has certain advantages, but in the construction of the operational aspects of the aramid fiber is more suitable for the material.

The failure mode of carbon fiber reinforced concrete is brittle. There is no obvious sign. The experiment found that the damaged concrete structure was loaded again after the reinforcement with aramid fiber cloth, and the failure process was still plastic. You know “ 9.11 in the event of the The Pentagon collapse late for half an hour, aramid fabric contributed ” thus the performance of aramid fabric makes people as the acme of perfection.

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