Familiar with the carbon fiber material, people will know the name of TORAY, TORAY is the world’s largest manufacturer of carbon fiber, T series, M series and MJ series are proud of their company’s products, occupy the main position in the market, now many manufacturers of carbon fiber products are used in the T series T300 and T700 carbon fiber, then what is the difference between these two kinds of carbon fiber? Let me give you a brief introduction.

Performance: in the tensile modulus, tensile modulus T300 and T700 carbon fiber is about 230Gpa, but the tensile strength and specific strength vary greatly, the tensile strength of T300 carbon fiber and strength are 3500Mpa and 2200Mpa, and the two parameters of T700 carbon fiber were 4900Mpa and 3060Mpa the contrast can be seen, the performance of T700 carbon fiber is more excellent.

Spinning process: carbon fiber is black, but the surface is a little different. This is mainly due to the difference of spinning process. T300 adopts wet spinning process, and T700 adopts dry spray wet spinning process. The surface of T700 carbon fiber should be smoother.

Chemical elements: carbon fiber is mainly composed of carbon, carbon content of T300 carbon fiber was 92.5%, T700 was 95.58%; compared with T700 carbon content is higher than T300, the carbonization temperature is higher than T300, and the carbon is stable, so the stability of T700 is also higher.

From the above point of view, T700 grade carbon fiber should be superior, but the price is much higher, so most carbon fiber products use T300 grade carbon fiber.

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