Today, I give you a detailed description of the similarities and differences of carbon fiber and graphite fiber and their advantages and disadvantages.

No strict demarcation between carbon fiber and graphite fiber, the difference between them is the degree of carbonization and graphitization degree, in order to distinguish the two kinds of fibers, people make agreement: where the carbon is in the range of 92%-95%, modulus below 344GPa for carbon fiber, carbon content of more than 99%, modulus at more than 344GPe for graphite fiber. Another distinction is to report carbon fibers that are pyrolyzed at about 1300 degrees centigrade, according to the temperature of the pyrolysis. Graphite fibers, which are pyrolyzed at 1900 degrees centigrade. In order to facilitate, when the needs of the two are known as carbon fiber, the need to clear the specific variety of carbon fiber and graphite fiber.

Carbon fiber has excellent creep and fatigue resistance. It needs outstanding thermal stability. The thermal expansion system is negative at 0 C, and increases with the increase of temperature. But until 2000 centigrade, it still guarantees good dimensional stability. Its thermal conductivity is higher than most metals, which is only inferior to aluminum. In addition, there is no internal stress problem in carbon fiber. No need for annealing. This is incomparable to metal.

The brand of carbon fiber is very complete. Carbon fiber industry can be divided into several levels: high modulus, modulus of magnitude of high strength and high modulus and strength grade, cross section can be round, ellipse can be, can also be kidney shaped, diameter from 0.008mm to 0.01mm from 1.72GPa to 3.1GPa, tensile strength, modulus from 193GPa to 517GPa.

One of the disadvantages is poor oxidation resistance of carbon fibre. Under 700K, it begins to oxidize in the air, unlike metal that can form an oxidation protective film. The oxide of carbon is volatile. The coating can prevent the oxidation of carbon fiber. For example, silicon carbide can protect carbon fiber until 1920K, and the other drawback of carbon fiber is brittleness, which is sensitive and sensitive.

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