Bamboo fiber is the use of bamboo as raw material, pure oxygen in high temperature conditions make bamboo microporous finer, then spinning, environmental protection and health, known as the black diamond and carbon fiber, chemical fiber, polyacrylonitrile fiber, viscose fiber asphalt fiber with high carbon content as raw material, high temperature carbonation and superior performance, are widely used in many industries. As fibers with high carbon content, what are the differences?

First, or bamboo charcoal fiber. Bamboo charcoal fiber has good softness, hygroscopicity, antibacterial and environmental protection. After weaving it into cloth, it feels soft, flexible, resilient, and strong, and is much better than cotton and silk. Now bamboo charcoal fabric is very popular, the summer use of refreshing, breathable, the use of spring and autumn use can eliminate the excess body of the fire, comfortable and healthy. Its antibacterial rate is 94.5%, and it can inhibit mites and deodorization.

Look at the carbon fiber again. Although carbon fiber is a kind of chemical fiber, it has no harm to the human body. Carbon fiber has the properties of metal, high strength, light weight, strong toughness, large tensile modulus and chemical corrosion resistance. The most common carbon fiber products are carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber rod and carbon fiber shaped parts. They are widely used in building reinforcement, industrial manufacturing, medical machinery, military safety and other fields. It can even be used to make small products, such as business cards and purses.

From above, we can see that there is a great difference between bamboo charcoal fiber and carbon fiber. Their manufacturing processes, properties and uses are quite different. Bamboo charcoal fibers are very good though they are very narrow, but they are not as wide as carbon fiber.

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