Carbon fiber is a novel nonmetallic material. It has high specific strength and specific modulus with its composite. The specific modulus of carbon fiber resin composite is more than three times higher than that of steel and aluminum alloy. It has the advantages of small specific gravity, chemical resistance, heat resistance, heat shock resistance and ablation resistance. Its strength is constant in inert gases above 200 degrees. Its performance is so good that it develops very fast and has been widely applied in the market. Its development trend is mainly from the following aspects.

1, continuously improve the performance of carbon fiber. People who have a certain understanding of carbon fiber must know Japanese Toray, a leading enterprise in carbon fiber manufacturing, with the most advanced technology. In the development of so many years, Dongli company has continuously improved the strength of carbon fiber. It has increased from 2.45GPa to 7.06GPa after ten years from 70s to 80s. The development of science and technology is more and more rapid, and the demand for materials is also improving. If kept in the same place, it will be eliminated because it can’t meet people’s needs.

2, the development of carbon fibers with special properties. There are three kinds of carbon fiber commonly used, PAN based carbon fiber, asphalt based carbon fiber and viscose based carbon fiber. Their performance is somewhat different, so the areas used are different. In order to meet the needs of all walks of life, we need to develop carbon fiber materials with special properties, such as low fineness carbon fiber, antioxidant carbon fiber, low expansion coefficient carbon fiber and so on.

3, the development of carbon fiber intermediate products. We often use carbon fiber and other fibers, so the development of intermediate products is also a direction of development.

According to the mechanical properties, carbon fiber can also be divided into ordinary carbon fiber (GP), high-strength carbon fiber (HT), high modulus carbon fiber (HM), high performance carbon fiber (HP) and activated carbon fiber. According to other nature, there are different divisions. Carbon fiber is a new material in high technology. It will also have new development in the future, which brings great convenience to people.

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