With the development of a long time, carbon fiber has been widely used in various industries from the beginning of the unknown. At the beginning, carbon fibers were not popular. Although carbon electrodes were made from charcoal and coal tar as early as the early nineteenth Century, carbon fibers began to be valued. After twentieth Century, we will talk about the development process of carbon fiber.

In 1883, the electrolytic law discovered by Faraday laid the foundation of electrochemistry, and the use of corrosion resistant, conductive graphite electrodes and electrolytic cell liners opened up the application of carbon fiber products in the electrochemical industry. In 1876 Carle and brush made of carbon electrode and a graphite electrode used in steelmaking. In 1895 made the Aitchison artificial graphite electrode, carbon graphite products industry this is a qualitative leap. In the early twentieth Century, American scientists invented the phenolic resin and used to impregnate carbon products. In the age of 40 and 50, graphite products were used in rockets. In 60 and 70s, high modulus and high strength carbon fiber products were formally developed. It is mainly composed of asphalt based carbon fiber, polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber and the two kinds. The carbon fiber materials at this time are mainly used in the military and aerospace industry. 80, 90s, carbon fiber gradually used other industries, and began to be made into small pieces of small things. Since twenty-first Century, carbon fiber products, cell phone shells, eye frames and so on can be seen everywhere.

After many years of development, carbon fiber has been developed in the fields of technology, technology and use. Compared with foreign countries, the domestic carbon fiber production level still needs to continue to work hard. Carbon fiber is a basic product that can form a huge industrial belt. It is becoming more and more popular with the decrease of cost and the improvement of its performance.

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