The largest number of industrial robot robot is a mechanical arm, as one of the main structure of the work, usually made of metal (steel, Aluminum Alloy) material, but there are some drawbacks, with the application of carbon fiber composite materials, it has begun to replace the metal materials become a hot choice for making mechanical arm. The following is an introduction to the advantages of the carbon fiber arm.

The most prominent advantage of carbon fiber composites is light weight and high strength. This advantage makes it popular in the field of aerospace industry. With the progress of society and the development of technology, carbon fiber composite materials are becoming more and more popular in the civilian field. Compared to the traditional industrial robot is made of metal materials, will not only have a heavy feeling, and anti fatigue performance is poor, so in the production of some high precision products will lead to structural deformation mechanical arm operation is not accurate, so the error of products will increase, higher strength with carbon fiber composite material, and its dimensional stability carbon fiber, thermal expansion coefficient is very small, which indicates that the carbon fiber mechanical arm will not change because of the temperature deformation, guarantee the operation accuracy of the mechanical arm. Carbon fiber composites have a very small density, only 1.7g/cm3, which can effectively reduce the weight of the structural parts, and the lighter quality indicates less energy consumption. In addition, the anti vibration characteristics of the carbon fiber mechanical arm indicate the stability of the working process. And carbon fiber is a non-metallic material, with excellent corrosion resistance and can prolong the service life.

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