Fibrous carbon materials are mainly carbon fiber and fibrous activated carbon (FAC). Active carbon fiber (ACF) is a kind of carbon fiber, which is a kind of activated carbon fiber. At present, there are mainly six kinds of activated carbon fibers developed and produced in the world: Viscose based, polypropylene based, Li Qingji, phenolic, polyvinyl alcohol and vapor grown carbon fibers. The first four kinds of carbon fibers and active carbon fibers have been used in industrial applications.

Compared with activated carbon, activated carbon fiber has unique advantages, more major is: the fiber surface area is large, and the multi orifice, easy to adsorption and desorption; the fiber narrow pore size distribution, pore effective adsorption, adsorption capacity and adsorption behavior of short fiber; fiber; the adsorption and desorption speed. The adsorption process of activated carbon fiber is mainly controlled by the collision and adsorption rate of the adsorbed substances, while the granular activated carbon adsorption process is mainly affected by the diffusion rate of the adsorbed substances.

According to the demand, activated carbon fibers can be processed into felt, cloth, netting, honeycomb, caudate, paper, cylindrical and structured active bodies. Their applications are quite extensive, including water treatment. For example, for the treatment of oily wastewater, phenol wastewater, organic wastewater, dyeing wastewater, papermaking wastewater, halide containing sewage and wastewater and pharmaceutical and pesticide wastewater, heavy metal ion containing wastewater, containing moldiness material micro polluted water, city sewage. Its bactericidal effect is also good, the result of the study shows that the purification rate of oil containing wastewater treatment with active carbon fiber is more than 95%. It is estimated. The 1kg activated carbon fiber was used to treat the refinery wastewater after 1.5T sand filtration. The operation cost was only 0.132 yuan //t.

In addition, carbon fiber monofilament is also made of carbon fibers, which have good biological properties. It is important to know that the organism on the earth is built with carbon elements, which are the same as the main components of carbon fibers. It can be used with the city sewage pond, reservoir purification, culture and the establishment of fish fish farming system etc..

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