What is carbon fiber prepreg?
Prepreg (Prepreg, PreimpregnatedMaterials), is the matrix (Matrix) impregnated in reinforced fibers (Reinforced Fiber) made of prepreg sheet products, is the composite material of the intermediate material.

Carbon fiber prepreg is made of reinforced material, such as carbon fiber yarn, resin matrix, release paper and other materials, through the coating, hot pressing, cooling, film, coiling and other processing made of composite materials, also known as carbon fiber prepreg cloth.

Performance characteristics

High strength, low density: carbon fiber prepreg strength can reach 6-12 times the steel, the density of steel only quarter

Good plasticity: according to the shape of the mold made of any shape, easy to shape, easy processing

Corrosion resistance, long life

Carbon fiber prepreg type

carbon fiber prepreg

carbon fiber prepreg

The types of carbon fiber prepregs are unidirectional carbon fiber prepregs and braided carbon fiber prepregs. The unidirectional carbon fiber prepregs have the greatest strength in the fiber direction, and are usually used for laminated plates with different combinations, and braided carbon fiber prepreg The material has a different weaving method, and its strength is approximately equal in both directions and can be applied to different structures.


Application areas
Widely used in fishing tackle, sports equipment, sporting goods, aerospace and other fields, military used in the manufacture of rockets, missiles, satellites, radar, bullet-proof vehicles, body armor and other important military products.