Because of the advantages of high specific strength, excellent fatigue resistance and design, advanced carbon fiber composites are widely used in automotive, aircraft, trains, machinery and other fields. The single layer plate is the most basic form of carbon fiber composites. This article is about carbon fiber composite laminates.

Carbon fiber composite laminates are composed of two or two layers or more than two layers, with macroscopic heterogeneity in the thickness direction. This heterogeneity makes the mechanical analysis of laminates complicated. For example, in general cases, the in-plane internal force can cause the bending deformation (bending and twisting), while the bending internal force (moment and torque) can cause in-plane deformation, so the so-called coupling effect occurs. For some special layer forms, this coupling effect can be weakened or even eliminated.

In addition, CFRP laminates belong to anisotropic materials, and because of the diversity of ply conditions, laminates may not have a definite main direction. However, for some special layer form, it can also have a definite main direction. Its mechanical properties depend not only on the mechanical properties and thickness of the single laminate of the composite laminates, but also on the layer direction, the layer sequence and the number of layers.

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