There are two main components of carbon fiber composites, one is carbon fiber precursor, and one is resin. There are two kinds of carbon fiber we can buy in the market, one is dry cloth, and one is resin infiltrated. Soft dry cloth prepreg, announced the beginning is also soft, but after the resin becomes dry, as hard as a board, this paper give us about the infiltration of carbon fiber.

There are two main types of carbon fiber infiltration, one is off-line infiltration, and one is online infiltration. The off-line infiltration is done before the final complete fiber structure is formed. The on-line infiltration is suitable for the synchronization of the molding process. The off-line infiltration in the controlled environment ensures a higher quality and eliminates this step at the manufacturing stage. For thermosetting system, through off-line infiltration, we can get slightly sticky or partially solidified fiber bands or sheets (these are called carbon fiber prepreg). These prepreg can be used in handwork or other linear processing. They can react with other chemical substances for a long time, dry and lose their original properties, so they have a shelf life. When they are stored, they are best placed in the fridge.

Infiltration and infiltration compared online offline or online, infiltration used more, it only in the manufacturing and processing will be the reaction of thermosetting composition and carbon fiber mixed, the non mixed infiltration process makes now materials have a long period of adaptation, and does not require refrigeration, but also increases the possibility of error if not, invasion zone and space.

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