Carbon fiber circular tube is a commonly used carbon fiber product. It has all the advantages of carbon fiber, such as high specific strength, high specific modulus, fatigue resistance, light weight and small thermal expansion coefficient. It can be used in various structural parts. For example, the mast of the sailboat, the antenna support truss of the satellite, the three foot frame of the camera, the flagpole, the ladder, the axial engine support and so on. This article tells you what factors affect the use of carbon fiber tubes.

Tensile strength: bonding properties between layers may affect the use of carbon fiber tubes, resulting in stratification. This is related to the process and quality of the material.

Compression strength: the compression strength of the carbon fiber tube has a great relationship with the resin used and the state of the interface. In order to strengthen the compression strength of the carbon fiber tube, it is necessary to choose good resin.

Bending shear: if carbon fiber tube is a circle, the wall is uniform, its lower flexural modulus. The shear stress of a circular tube is very complex when it is shear, and the force in different directions is different, in which the force on both sides of the neutral layer is the largest.

Other external factors: in addition to all kinds of forces, some environments will also affect the use of carbon fiber circular tubes, such as high temperature or corrosive environment.

In general, carbon fiber tubes have long service life as long as they are not subjected to large pressure.

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