Carbon fiber reinforced resin composite with resin as matrix and carbon fiber as reinforcing material, forming the product variety, such as pultrusion, winding, hot press molding, resin based carbon fiber composite material has the advantages of light weight and high strength, is an important structural material, the use of field widely. This article and what you are talking about is what defects are produced by carbon fiber resin matrix composites.

Defects in carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites mainly come from two aspects. One is raw material defects, the other two is manufacturing defects, which are manifested in stratification, porosity and inclusions. Delamination refers to the debonding or cracking between layers, which is a typical lack of composite structure. The reason is that the thermal expansion coefficient of matrix fiber is not good, the glue content is too low, the curing process is not suitable, and the bonding strength of the two forming interface is too low. If the impact of the product is too concentrated when the product is used, it may cause the stratification. Pore is a hole formed in the forming process of composite material. When the porosity is less than 1.5%, it is spherical. When the porosity is greater than 1.5%, it is a column shape. The pore over the General Assembly affects the properties of interlayer shear strength, bending strength, compression strength and so on. The reason for inclusion is the presence of clot in resin, impurities in prepreg and low cleanliness in workshops. Scientists have done experiments and found that too much inclusion has great influence on performance.

Only by selecting high-quality raw materials and strictly following the procedures during production and processing, can we minimize defects and produce qualified carbon fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites.

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