Innovation is the only way to develop China’s carbon fiber industry. Looking back at the more than 40 years’ development of China’s carbon fiber development, less innovation and slower development, although China’s carbon fiber industry has made great progress, there are still many problems to solve. So what are the shortcomings of domestic carbon fiber materials? Let’s follow us here.

(1) the degree of automation needs to be further improved. For example, although the polymerization process to achieve automatic control, but the material and mixed batch, the automation level of monomer and deaeration is still relatively low, the stability and the importance of poor process, so that the intra and inter quality of great dispersion, and ultimately affect the quality of the raw silk and the coefficient of variation. At the same time, the quality of the polymer spinning solution is also affected by the weak on-line monitoring of the gel.

(2) large energy consumption. Generally speaking, electricity accounts for about 8%-10% of the cost of carbon fiber production, and some units take up about 15%-20%, which increases production costs and lacks market competition capability. This is mainly reflected in the large energy consumption of the preoxidation furnace. It is possible to solve this problem by using the upper and down hot air circulation furnace and the channel of the canker to implement the effective gas seal.

(3) the low temperature carbonization of the tar is more, affecting the continuous production cycle. The carbonization furnace should run for more than one month, and some units can only run for about a week for a week. Because the tar produced in the carbonization process can not be discharged from the furnace instantaneously, it causes accumulation and blockage and has to be discarted. Therefore, one of the key technical points for the design of low temperature carbonization furnace is to discharge the coke smoothly and supplement the reasonable process parameters. At the same time, the design of the labyrinth seal at both ends of the carbonization furnace is reasonable and effective, so that the consumption of sealed nitrogen is about 3% of the production cost. In some units, the structure of the sealing device is unreasonable and the gas consumption is large, which accounts for about 5% of the production cost.

(4) the production environment should be cleaned. It is an indisputable fact that the spinning workshop should reach the level of 1000 level purification so as to prevent the dust from the air on the surface of the raw fiber. Some units are spinning in unpurified ordinary workshops, and it is impossible to get high quality raw silk. The pre oxidation workshop should carry on the micron grade filtration, and also prevent the dust from the air to cause pollution to the surface of the preoxygen wire. Because in the preoxidation environment at 200-300 C, the running fiber is in a hot state, and the dust is easily attached to the surface, causing pollution.

(5) strict quality management and quality inspection. One of the successful experiences of TORAY company is strict quality inspection and quality management. Otherwise, it is difficult to control and repeat the process. The whole process of producing carbon fiber is too long, and there are too many processes. It is a multidisciplinary intersection. It needs to be monitored step by step, refined and quantified, and strengthened detection and management.

In 1970s. The pre oxidation of China is in two technical routes, one is air oxidation, the two is the practice of catalytic oxidation for nearly a year, and the air oxidation method has been developed. Study on carbon fiber adhesive success, to meet domestic market needs of ablative materials. On this basis, the Shanxi Coal Chemistry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences built a ton class viscose based carbon fiber production line, and built up our viscose based carbon fiber production system with the brothers unit to meet the needs of the country.

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