Carbon fiber composite (CFRP) is a new material composed of carbon fiber and metal and resin matrix. Compared with the original material, its strength, toughness, high temperature resistance and so on have been improved, and its performance is superior. For the production of carbon fiber for composite materials is a certain requirement, let’s give you a specific talk.

1. Requirements for metal content. The most basic requirement of making composite materials for carbon fiber is low alkali metal content. Sodium and other alkali metals are carbon oxidation catalysts, which will promote combustion. Carbon fibers are often used as flame retardants. In the 70s of last century, the carbon fiber composites used for making carbon fiber composites were viscose based fibers containing about 100mg/kg of sodium. After 80s, the PAN based carbon fibers with sodium content below 100mg/kg were used. Now, the content of alkali metals in carbon fiber composites is less.

2. Requirements for performance. Carbon fibers used to make composite materials must be of high modulus in high modulus or in high strength modulus. Their thermal properties are excellent. There are few cracks and high comprehensive utilization rate during carbonization.

3. The requirements for the surface treatment of carbon fiber. The treatment of the surface of carbon fiber has a great influence on the composite material made. The bad treatment will lead to the fracture of the fiber and the decrease of the strength.

Choose the right carbon fiber material and combine with other materials, so that the two can be better integrated, and the composite material is better. Carbon fiber composites are widely used in our lives, such as aircraft, cars, buildings and so on. The scope of its use is still expanding, and it continues to benefit mankind.

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