The most vital new materials of the twenty-first Century, without doubt, are carbon fiber materials. In addition to its applications in aerospace and sports leisure products, carbon fiber is also emerging in the field of reinforced plastics and building reinforcement, and will enter the fields of pressure vessels, marine development and new energy in the future. Does such a high performance material have no influence on its performance? Of course not, what are the factors that affect the tensile strength of carbon fiber today?

We can use the trench dimensions to represent the carbon fiber surface roughness, the surface of carbon fiber by comparing the different strength, we can conclude that the high strength carbon fiber surface groove size is far smaller than that of low strength carbon fiber, which directly affects the tensile strength of carbon fiber.

Another defect of carbon fibers also affect the strength of its congenital defects from raw silk residue, and acquired defects, which is caused by pre oxidation and carbonization processes, these defects as cracks on the surface of carbon fiber, the tensile strength increased obviously with crack decreases. At the same time, the defects of carbon fiber in the process of pre oxidation and carbonization are core structure, fuse, surface layer coke and so on. All of these are one of the important factors that affect the tensile strength of carbon fiber materials.

In addition, the influence of metal impurities on the strength of carbon fiber is also inevitable. In the process of carbon fiber processing, some metals are inevitably added. After high temperature, the metal escapes from the fiber, resulting in a lot of holes on the surface of carbon fiber, which will affect the mechanical properties of carbon fiber.

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