At present, there are many researches on the cutting process of carbon fiber composites at home and abroad, and many high achievements have been made. However, there is a lack of systematic and in-depth research on some enterprises in China. The tool wear is too fast, the machining accuracy and surface quality are difficult to guarantee, and the machining efficiency is even lower. Here are the reasons for affecting the drilling quality of carbon fiber materials.

1, the type of cutting tool has a more important influence on the processing of carbon fiber materials. After many years of experience in processing carbon fiber, in the actual production, when carbon fiber composite material is processed, The tool wear is more serious. Even if the high-speed steel drill is worn, it can only drill 3-4 holes at a time. If it is coated with the tool, the wear resistance will be slightly better. We recommend the diamond bit, because its wear resistance is much higher than that of the carbide drill.

2, at the same time, cutting force is another aspect that influences the drilling of carbon fiber. The cutting force mainly includes axial force, torque and radial force caused by bit deflection. According to our experience, it is determined that once the cutting stress exceeds the bonding strength of the fiber composite layer, the phenomenon of delamination and tearing can be caused. And the cutting edge is not sharp also causes the cutting force to increase, causing the outlet to produce hair. The axial force is the most important reason for the machining defects of the carbon fiber material.

3, the amount of feed on the impact of drilling is mainly reflected in the spindle speed and feed speed, after years of experience in processing we show that a nearly linear relationship between the delamination factor and average axial force in uniform speed, the axial force increases with the increase of feed rate. Therefore, it is easy to produce inferior products without the experience of processing carbon fiber for many years.

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