Carbon fiber is used as fiber asphalt, polyacrylonitrile raw material after high temperature carbonization material, has the advantages of low density, high strength, chemical stability, strong toughness, can be made into a fishing rod, golf clubs, car frame, kite, glasses frame, the application is very extensive, this small to give you a specific classification carbon fiber.

1. According to the style, carbon fiber can be divided into sheet, bar, profile and short fiber. The sheet comprises a carbon fiber and carbon fiber plate, they generally through epoxy resin adhesive on the concrete surface for building reinforcement bars can usually be used instead of steel; building construction; carbon fiber profiles include a variety of shapes, it can stick on the surface of the polymer structure; short fiber can be added for concrete construction of buildings in.

2. According to the mechanical properties, it can be divided into high modulus, high strength and medium modulus. The medium modulus is generally between 274~315GPa, the tensile strength of high strength is about 3000MPa, and the maximum can reach 4000MPa above. The tensile strength of the high modulus is about 600GPa

3, according to the type of raw silk, it can be divided into pitch based carbon fiber, PAN based carbon fiber and viscose based carbon fiber, and polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber is one of the most steel vanadium, and its heat resistance and fire resistance are very good. The asphalt carbon fiber is characterized by high strength and can be used in the field of high rigidity.

In addition to the above classification, carbon fiber can be divided into 1K, 3K, 6K, 12K, 24K, etc. according to the specifications. It can be divided into woven, knitting and knitting according to the weaving method. Because of the different use and demand, so many categories of carbon fibers have been set up. No matter what the classification is, it is good to find one that you need.

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