Viscose based carbon fiber is a carbon fiber material made from viscose fiber and then treated by high temperature. In 1950, American researchers used viscose based carbon fiber for military applications. In 1959, viscose based carbon fiber went to commercialization. In 1964, high-performance viscose based carbon fiber was launched. Now, the technology for the preparation of viscose based carbon fibers is already very mature. Here are the advantages of the viscose based carbon fiber.

1. The weight of viscose based carbon fiber is smaller than that of PAN or bituminous carbon fiber, and the effect is better.

2. The alkali content is low and the thermal stability is good. The thermal stability of carbon fiber has a great relationship with the Na element. The higher the content of Na, the worse the thermal stability is. Na is a catalyst for carbon. It can promote carbon oxidation. In a very high temperature environment, it is also easy to ionize, increase the concentration of electrons in ambient air, and interfere with normal work.

The carbon converted from 3 and viscose based carbon fiber belongs to graphitized carbon, the graphite microcrystalline is underdeveloped, the orientation degree is low, and it is cauterization.

4. The coefficient of thermal conductivity is small. The three-dimensional graphite structure of the viscose based carbon fiber is not developed, and the higher the degree of graphitization, the faster the heat conduction velocity is, so it is an ideal heat insulation material.

5. The modulus is low and the toughness is good.

6. The viscose based carbon fiber has a very good compatibility with the organism, which is not the other type of carbon fiber.

China started a late start of research on viscose based carbon fibers, which began in the 80s of last century, but later on, it has also achieved certain achievements. In military aspect, viscose based carbon fiber can be used to make thermal insulation materials for weapons. In terms of aviation and aerospace, it can make missile shells. In medicine, it can make bone plates, fake bones, ligaments and so on. I believe it will be applied more widely in the near future.

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