High strength and high model carbon fiber is also called MJ series carbon fiber, which is the high performance carbon fiber developed by the Toray company of Japan. It breaks through the traditional concept of high strength and high model carbon fiber, making it both high strength and high modulus, and its comprehensive performance is more perfect. MJ series carbon fiber has the following characteristics.

1. There are grooves on the surface. This may be due to the wet spinning of the raw silk. In other words, the production of MJ series carbon fibers may be made of PAN raw silk produced by wet spinning. M40J monofilament diameter thick, about 5.2μ m, the surface is shallow, poor uniformity of the filament diameter is 4.7μ M55J; m, groove deep and narrow, and uniform, M60J filament diameter is 4.7μ about M, deep and narrow groove, and groove spine (raw tow) along the fiber axis direction is better.

2, good orientation, MJ carbon fiber also belongs to the heterogeneous structure, which is composed of crystalline and amorphous regions, and from M40J to M60J the crystalline size increases gradually; there are pores in the crystalline and amorphous regions, M40J gap rate is 19.9%, M50J is about 15.3%, M60J is 13%, and the their relative density. M60J has a three-dimensional ordered graphite structure, while M40J and M50J have only two dimensional ordered chaotic graphite structures.

3. There is a core structure. MJ series carbon fiber, like other carbon fibers, has the core structure. It is also one of the main factors that restrict the performance of the carbon fiber. The core structure of M40J to M60J is gradually serious, and the order of their tensile strength decreases completely. This indicates that the structure of the core is one of the main factors affecting the tensile strength.

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