Carbon fiber is a microcrystalline graphite material obtained by carbonization and graphitization of organic fibers. The microstructure of carbon fiber is similar to that of artificial graphite, which is a disorderly graphite structure.

Carbon fibers can be processed into fabric, felt, mat, belt, paper and other materials. In traditional use, carbon fibers are generally not used alone, except for thermal insulation materials. They are used as reinforcing materials to form composite materials, such as resins, metals, ceramics and concrete. Carbon fiber reinforced composites can be used as body building materials, such as aircraft structural materials, electromagnetic shielding materials, artificial ligaments and so on, and are used for manufacturing rocket shells, motor boats, industrial robots, automobile leaf springs and driving shafts.

However, since 2004 the international market of high performance fiber carbon fiber as the representative of the supply situation, not only affect the construction of China’s aerospace, military and national defense, and that is the rise of the domestic sports goods, wind power generation, large aircraft such as the development of civilian industry is seriously restricted, forcing China to increase the main high performance fibers such as carbon fiber independent R & D investment, so the development of high performance fibers such as carbon fiber boom, and has achieved initial results.

The development of carbon fiber industry in China is in the ascendant. Carbon fiber is an international high-end new material industry. Besides application to the traditional aerospace industry, the demand for carbon fiber in automobile, wind turbine blade and pressure vessel market is also increasing.

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