The shaft is an important part of the mechanical equipment, which plays the role of transmitting power while supporting other transmission parts. It is generally solid and can be used as a hollow to meet certain technological requirements and reduce weight. However, the weight reduction of the hollow shaft will meet the bottleneck to a certain extent. Under the condition of certain structure size, it can not be made of traditional metal material. If metal is replaced with carbon fiber composites, this problem can be solved well.

Ordinary drive shaft generally has low speed, and the rated speed will not close to its critical speed. There are also some high-performance transmission shaft, such as helicopter tail drive shaft, high speed, above 6000r/min, and longer diameter, easy to resonate during operation. There are many dangers of resonance, such as noise producing, machining precision of machinery, loosening or fatigue damage of mechanical parts.

Carbon fiber is a new kind of material, not only has the general characteristics of carbon materials, such as high temperature, high strength, light weight, friction resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient, and the characteristics of soft fiber, strong in design, and often made of metal, resin, ceramic composite materials. Compared with the traditional metal shaft, carbon fiber shaft can reduce noise and reduce energy loss and improve earthquake resistance as well. If the carbon fiber shaft is damaged, it can be repaired by means of reinforcement. It is more convenient to maintain and longer life.

Now, the carbon fiber composite drive shaft has been widely used in aerospace, wind power, industrial machinery, ship, automobile and other industries, and technology is maturing. It is believed that the amount of use will also increase in the future, and large quantities will replace metal axes.

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