The brittleness of ordinary carbon – graphite products is the biggest weakness of carbon materials. For many years, a wide range of research has been made to improve the flexible and mechanical strength of carbon products. Carbon fiber and its composites developed since the early 1960s have received increasing attention due to their high specific strength and specific stiffness.

Carbon fiber system is made of natural fiber or artificial fiber under certain conditions by processing and carbonization. If the composite is made, the carbon fiber will have a series of surface treatments. As a result of high carbon content of polyacrylonitrile synthetic fiber, it is widely used as raw material in industry. Firstly, the general raw material silk textile machinery will tow the whole roll, or pull into non woof cloth. In order to improve the strength and modulus of carbon fiber. Preoxidation is often preoxidized before carbonization, and preoxidation is carried out at a constant temperature of 210-230 C in a preoxidation furnace. Preoxidation can accelerate the polyacrylonitrile molecules to form the aromatic structure of the ring chain, so that the molecules are firmly combined together. Then carbonization at 1000-1100 degrees centigrade at high temperature in the non oxidizing atmosphere, if we finally want to get the graphite fiber. It needs to be further graphitized at 2500-3000 C.

Carbon fiber is the same as ordinary carbon – graphite products. It has excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance, but thermal conductivity keeps the characteristics of raw material fiber, which is low. Therefore, carbon fiber or carbon felt is often used as an induction furnace and a thermal shielding material for resistance protection. Graphite fibers have higher thermal conductivity, can be used as a heating element in an inert gas into vacuum support used 2500 degrees of graphitization of graphite fiber woven yarn by Teflon impregnated, used in chemical pump forhandling corrosive medium packing seal, not only a good seal, and long service life. In fact, carbon (graphite) fiber used in industry more widely is the use of their high specific strength and stiffness (elastic modulus / density) properties, products made of various composite materials.

Carbon fiber composites consist of carbon fiber / resin, carbon fiber / metal, carbon fiber / carbon and other products, of which carbon fiber reinforced resin is the most widely used composite material. The specific strength of glass fiber is almost the same as that of carbon fiber, but much lower than that of carbon fiber. Obviously, carbon fiber / resin composite has better performance than FRP. At present, carbon fiber composites have been widely applied in aviation industry. In the automobile industry and the atomic energy industry, the scope of use is also gradually expanded. The use of this material with high specific strength and high specific stiffness and excellent corrosion resistance, is used as a high-speed rotary chemical mechanical parts such as centrifuge, pump impeller or pressure vessel has good application prospect.

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