The business card is a small box that is small and can be carried with you. The business card of a business person has a business card almost each. Many materials can be used to make business card clips, including plastic, metal, imitation leather, wood, carbon fiber, and so on. Carbon fiber is a new kind of material, which is used more and more, and the scope of application is becoming more and more wide. It has a good performance, whether it is a famous piece of film clip or other products.

First look at other materials to make the name card holder, metal manufacturing strength, not easy to corrosion damage, but the weight is heavy, may rust; plastic name card clip, modelling diversity, strong plasticity, disadvantage is the low intensity, easy to damage by external force; simulation of skin cleaning is convenient, but easy to wear. Carbon fiber card clip has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, friction resistance and so on. Its weight is very light. It can hardly feel the existence of it in its hands, but the strength is very high, about 5 times higher than the ordinary steel, and the impact is not broken. It is resistant to a variety of chemical substances, low water absorption, no moisture, and can be used normally at the temperature of 500. In addition, its shape is also beautiful, the black weaving pattern, appears to be high-end atmosphere.

Shenzhen CN production of name card clip, 3K and 3K two kinds of plain twill, and smooth and matte available, ultra-thin light, does not contain other impurities, is the best choice for business people. If you need a carbon fiber card clip, welcome to customize it before.

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